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Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for Master's course students Sayuri Sakagami and Yoshitsuna Itagaki.

(March 08, 2019)
Research Paper

A research paper collaborated with Prof. Nakanishi (University of Tokyo) and Prof. Kono (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology) is published in "Nature Communications".

Nishimura K, Johmura Y, Deguchi K, Jiang Z, Uchida K, Suzuki N, Shimada M, Chiba Y, Hirota T, Yoshimura SH, Kono K, Nakanishi M. (2019) "Cdk1-mediated DIAPH1 phosphorylation maintains metaphase cortical tension and inactivates the spindle assembly checkpoint at anaphase" Nature Commun., in press

(March 03, 2019)
Year-end Party

We had a year-end party 2018.

(December 20, 2018)
Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for a past PhD researcher Jamie Gilmore.

(October 25, 2018)
Research News

Our research topics and techniques are featured by BBC Arabic.


Kyoto University SNSs.

(October 22, 2018)
Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for a PhD researcher Hideaki Konishi.

(September 03, 2018)
YouTube Research Talk

New YouTube video is released in Yoshimura Lab YouTube channel.

(August 20, 2018)
Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for an AMGEN Scholarship student Ona Ambrozaite.

(July 30, 2018)
Research Paper

Associate Professor Shige H Yoshimura and former PhD student Aiko Yoshida et al. published a paper in "PLOS Biology".
2018 May 3, available online
This work is featured on the Kyoto University website (in Japanese), The Nikkei (in Japanese) and AMED Website (in Japanese).
Yoshida A, Sakai N, Uekusa Y, Imaoka Y, Itagaki Y, Suzuki Y, Yoshimura SH. (2018) "Morphological changes of plasma membrane and protein assembly during clathrin-mdeiated endobytosis" PLOS Biology, 16(5):e2004786.

(July 26, 2018)
Study Camp

We had a Study Camp at "Fumin-no mori Hiyoshi". 2018 July 5-6.

(July 06, 2018)