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Soma Ishimaru and Koichi Miyazaki got a Master's degree.

(March 24, 2023)
Research Paper

Associate Professor Shige H Yoshimura published a co-authored paper in Journal of Signal Processing.

Ju H, Honda N, Yoshimura SH, Kaneko M, Shigematsu T, Kiyono K. (2023) "Multidimensional fractal scaling analysis using higher order moving average polynomials and its fast algorithm" Journal of Signal Processing, in press

(March 04, 2023)
Visiting Student

Kristina Bayer, a visiting PhD student from University of Heidelberg, Department of Chemical Biology, joined our Lab.

(November 16, 2022)
New Member

Lim Chun-Kim entered Master's course.

(October 03, 2022)
Visiting Researcher

A visiting researcher Prof. Dr. Yan Yu (Indiana University-Bloomington) gave a seminar on nanoscale biophysics.

[Title] "Nanoscale Biophysics of the Innate Immune System"
[Speaker] Dr. Yan Yu (Department of Chemistry, Indiana University-Bloomington)
[Date] 2022/Aug/10 17:00
[Venue] Building G, Semiar room B or Zoom or Zoom

(August 10, 2022)
Welcome Party

We had a welcome party for a Master's course student Jing Wei and an AMGEN student Claire Liu.

(June 30, 2022)
Visiting Student

AMGEN Scholarship student Claire Liu is visiting our Lab. She will stay for 2 months.

(June 07, 2022)
Research Paper

Former PhD student Hiroya Yamazaki (currently Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo) et al. published a paper in "Nature Cell Biology".

Yamazaki H, Takagi M, Kosako H, Hirano T, Yoshimura SH. (2022) "Cell cycle-specific phase separation regulated by protein charge blockiness" Nature Cell Biology, in press

(May 05, 2022)

Zi Xian Jiang completed PhD coursework and graduated.
Daisuke Takemoto got a Master's degree.

(March 31, 2022)
Research Paper

Assistant Professor Masahiro Kumeta published a co-authored paper in Scientific Reports.

Maruyama H, Fujiwara K, Kumeta M, Koyama D. (2021) "Ultrasonic control of neurite outgrowth direction" Scientific Reports, 11, 20099.

(October 12, 2021)