Recent News & Events

Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for Kristina Bayer.

(November 09, 2023)
Book Chapter

Our graduate student Jing WEI wrote a chapter of a text book on phase separation.
Now it is published from Springer.

Phase Separation in Living Cells
Riki Kurokawa Ed.
ISBN eBook:978-981-99-4886-4 / Print: 978-981-99-4885-7

(October 05, 2023)
Research Paper

Graduate student Dr. Yanshu Zhang published a paper in FASEB J.

Zhang Y, Kitagawa T, Furutani-Seiki M, Yoshimura SH. "Yes-associated protein regulates cortical actin architecture and dynamics through intracellular translocation of Rho GTPase-activating protein 18" FASEB J., 37(9) e23161

(September 01, 2023)
Research Paper

Our PhD student Yu Yiming published a paper in Nature Commun.

Yu Y, Yoshimura SH. (2023) "Self-assembly of CIP4 drives actin-mediated asymmetric pit-closing in clathrin-mediated endocytosis" Nat. Commun. 14: 4602.

(August 05, 2023)
One-day Trip

We had a one-day trip to Shiga, Supreme BBQ.

(July 21, 2023)

High school students from "Sakura Science Program" visited our Lab.

Article in Kyoto University website:

(July 13, 2023)
Visiting Student

AMGEN Scholarship student Devlin SWANSON and Heba OTHMAN is visiting our Lab. They will stay for 2 months.

(June 07, 2023)
Farewell Meeting

We had a farewell meeting for our administrative staff Fukuda-san.

(May 31, 2023)
Research Paper

Associate Professor Shige H Yoshimura published a co-authored paper in Scientific Reports.

Im JH, Duic I, Yoshimura SH, Onomoto K, Yoneyama M, Kato H, Fujita T.  (2023) "Mechanisms of length-dependent recognition of viral double-stranded RNA by RIG-I" Sci. Rep. 13(1): 6318. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-33208-w.

(April 26, 2023)
Lab Promotion Video

Our lab promotion video has been published.

(March 29, 2023)