Recent News & Events


Hiroya Yamazaki got a Ph.D.
Katashi Deguchi completed PhD coursework and graduated.

(March 23, 2020)
Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for PhD students Katashi Deguchi and Hiroya Yamazaki.

(February 27, 2020)
Visiting Student

Long-term Master's visiting student Kristina Bayer is staying in our Lab. She will stay for 6 months to promote her Master's research in our Lab.

(January 14, 2020)
Research News

Our research was featured in KBS Kyoto TV program.

(January 10, 2020)
Research Paper

Former PhD student Hide A Konishi et al. published a paper in "FASEB Journal".

Hide A. Konishi, Yoshimura SH. (2019) "Interactions between non‐structured domains of FG‐ and non‐FG‐nucleoporins coordinate the ordered assembly of the nuclear pore complex in mitosis" FASEB Journal, in press

(January 06, 2020)
Visiting Student

Short-term visiting student Ona Ambrozaite is staying in our Lab. She had been staying in our Lab in 2018 summer as an AMGEN scholarship student.

(December 20, 2019)
Research Paper

PhD student Hiroya Yamazaki et al. published a paper in "Biochim Biophys Acta Proteins Proteom".
Yamazaki H, Kosako H, Yoshimura SH. (2019) "Quantitative proteomics indicate a strong correlation of mitotic phospho-/dephosphorylation with non-structured regions of substrates" Biochim Biophys Acta Proteins Proteom.1868(1):140295

(November 13, 2019)

We had a party for welcoming Yiming Yu, farewell for Koji Okuie, and congratuate acceptance of Hiroya Yamazaki's paper.

(October 30, 2019)
New Member

Yiming Yu started PhD course.

(October 01, 2019)
Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for the Short-term Visiting Student Amber Li.

(August 22, 2019)