Research History of Dr. Takeyasu

Dr. TakeyasuProf. Dr. Kunio Takeyasu was trained as zoologist and neuro-pharmacologist in his early career as a graduate student at Hiroshima University and Osaka University. After his post-doctoral research on the molecular and cell biological aspects of the membrane proteins such as acetylcholine receptors and ion-motive ATPases at Cornell University and the Johns Hopkins University, he joined University of Virginia as an assistant professor in 1988, and started to utilize atomic force microscopy (AFM) in biological studies. After 4 years of research and teaching at the Ohio State University, he moved to Kyoto University as a full professor in 1995. Since then, he has been developing the technologies for biological application of AFM. His most recent research has been focusing on single-molecule imaging of membrane proteins and chromatin at sub-second time region with nano-meter space resolution. Dr. Takeyasu has been a member of Biophysical Society and American Society for Cell Biology.


Born:  September 3, 1950 in Ashiya, Japan.

4/69 - 3/73      Kobe University, Faculty of Agriculture  (B.A. in Biology)
4/73 - 3/74      Kobe University, Faculty of Education   (Lisence for Teaching Sciences)
4/74 - 3/77      Hiroshima University, Faculty of Science (M.S., Dr. Sci. in Zoology)
4/77 - 4/80      Osaka University, School of Medicine (Dr. Med. Sci. in Pharmacology)

Professional Experience:
4/80 - 6/81      Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Osaka University School of Medicine.
7/81 - 1/84      Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, Section of Biochem. Cell/Mol. Biol.
2/84 - 8/88      Assistant Research Scientist at The Johns Hopkins Univiversity, Dept of Biol.
                        & Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Embryology.
9/88 - 6/92      Assistant Professor of Physiology at University of Virginia School of Medicine.
7/92 - 8/95      Associate Professor of Medical Biochemistry at The Ohio State University.
9/95 - 3/99      Professor of Biology, Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University.
9/95 - 8/06      Adjunct Professor of Veterinary Biosciences at The Ohio State University.
4/99 - 4/14      Professor, Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University.