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History of the Laboratory of Plasma Membrane and Nuclear Signaling
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Nuclear Architecture and Nuclear Transport

  1. Hirai Y, Louvet E, Oda T, Kumeta M, Watanabe Y, Horigome T, Takeyasu K. (2013) Nucleolar scaffold protein, WDR46, determines the granular compartmental localization of nucleolin and DDX21. Genes Cells, 18(9):780-797.
  2. Yoshimura SH, Otsuka S, Kumeta M, Taga M, Takeyasu K. (2013) Intermolecular disulfide bonds among nucleoporins regulate karyopherin-dependent nuclear transport. J. Cell Sci., 126:3141-3150.
  3. Kumeta M, Yamaguchi H, Yoshimura SH, Takeyasu K. (2012) Karyopherin-independent spontaneous transport of amphiphilic proteins through the nuclear pore. J. Cell Sci., 125:4979-4984.
  4. Kumeta M, Yoshimura SH, Harata M, Takeyasu K. (2010) Molecular mechanisms underlying nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of actinin-4. J. Cell Sci., 123: 1020-1030.

Principles of Genome Organization

  1. Maruyama H, Shin M, Oda T, Matsumi R, Ohniwa RL, Itoh T, Shirahige K, Imanaka T, Atomi H, Yoshimura SH, Takeyasu K. (2011) Histone and TK0471/TrmBL2 form a novel heterogeneous genome architecture in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakarensis. Mol. Biol. Cell, 22(3):386-398.
  2. Hizume K, Araki S, Yoshikawa K, Takeyasu K. (2007) Topoisomerase II, a scaffold component, promotes chromatin-compaction in vitro in a linker-histone H1-dependent manner. Nucleic Acid Res., 35: 2787-2799.
  3. Ohniwa RL, Morikawa K, Kim J, Ohta T, Ishihama A, Wada C, Takeyasu K. (2006) Dynamic state of DNA topology is essential for genome condensation in baceteria. EMBO J., 25: 5591-5602.
  4. Hizume K, Yoshimura SH, Takeyasu K. (2005) Linker histone H1 per se can induce three-dimensional folding of chromatin fiber. Biochemistry, 44: 12978-12989.
  5. Kim J, Yoshimura SH, Hizume K, Ishihama A, Takeyasu K. (2004) Fundamental structural unit of the Escherichia coli nucleoid revealed by atomic force microscopy. Nucleic Acid Res., 32: 1982-1992.
  6. Takeyasu K, Kim J, Ohniwa RL, Kobori T, Inose Y, Morikawa K, Ohta T, Ishihama A, Yoshimura SH. (2004) Genome architecture studied by nano-scale imaging: Analyses among bacterial phyla and their implication to eukaryotic genome folding. Cytogenet Genomes Res, 107: 38-48.
  7. Sakaue S, Yoshikawa K, Yoshimura SH, Takeyasu K. (2001) Histone Core Slips along DNA and Prefers Positioning at the Chain End. Phys. Rev. Lett., 87: 078105-1 – 4.

Single-molecule Analyses of Enzyme Reaction and Protein Function

  1. Alonso JC, Cardenas PP, Sanchez H, Hejna J, Suzuki Y, Takeyasu K. (2013) Early steps of double-strand break repair in Bacillus subtilis. DNA Repair, 12(3):162-176.
  2. Suzuki Y, Shin M, Yoshida A, Yoshimura SH, Takeyasu K. (2012) Fast microscopical dissection of action scenes played by Escherichia coli RNA polymerase. FEBS Lett., 586(19):3187-3192.
  3. Yokokawa M, Takeyasu K. (2011) Motion of the Ca2+-pump captured. FEBS J., 278(17):3025-3031.
  4. Suzuki Y, Gilmore JL, Yoshimura SH, Henderson RM, Lyubchenko YL, Takeyasu K. (2011) Visual analysis of concerted cleavage by type IIF restriction enzyme SfiI in subsecond time region. Biophys J., 21;101(12):2992-2998.
  5. Suzuki Y, Higuchi Y, Hizume K, Yokokawa M, Yoshimura SH, Yoshikawa K, Takeyasu K. (2010) Molecular Dynamics of DNA and Nucleosomes in Solution Studied by Fast-scanning Atomic Force Microscopy. Ultramicroscopy, 110(6): 682-688.
  6. Takahashi H, Shahin V, Henderson RM, Takeyasu K, Edwardson JM. (2010) Interaction of synaptotagmin with lipid bilayers, analyzed by single-molecule force spectroscopy. Biophys J., 99(8):2550-2558.
  7. Otsuka S, Iwasaka S, Yoneda Y, Takahashi H, Takeyasu K, Yoshimura SH. (2008) Individual binding pockets of importin beta for FG-nucleoporins have different binding properties and different sensitivities to RanGTP. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 105: 16101-16106.
  8. Yokokawa M, Wada C, Ando T, Sakai N, Yagi A, Takeyasu K. (2006) Fast-scanning atomic force microscopy reveals the ATP/ADP-dependent conformational changes of GroEL. EMBO J., 25: 4567-4576.
  9. Yoshimura SH, Ohniwa RL, Sato MH, Matsunaga F, Kobayashi G, Uga H, Wada C, Takeyasu K. (2000) DNA phase transition promoted by replication initiator. Biochemistry, 39: 9139-9145.

Membrane Proteins

  1. Baumann O, Salvaterra PM, Takeyasu K. (2010) Developmental changes in beta-subunit composition of Na,K-ATPase in the Drosophila eye. Cell Tissue Res., 340(2):215-228.
  2. Yoshimura SH, Iwasaka S, Schwarz W, Takeyasu K. (2008) Fast degradation of the auxiliary subunits of Na/K-ATPase in the plasma membrane of HeLa cells. J. Cell Sci., 121: 2159-2168.
  3. Suwastika IN, Uemura T, Shiina T, Sato MH, Takeyasu K. (2008) SYP71,a Plant-specific Qc-SNARE Protein, Reveals Dual Localization to the plasma Membrane and Endoplasmic Reticulum in Arabidopsis. Cell Struc. Func., 33: 185-192.
  4. Takeyasu K, Okamura H, Ogita Y, Yoshimura SH. (2001) P-type ATPase Diversity and Evolution: The origins of ouabain-sensitivity and subunit assembly. Cell. Mol. Biol., 47: 325-333.

Development of Methodology

  1. Suzuki Y, Sakai N, Yoshida A, Uekusa Y, Yagi A, Imaoka Y, Ito S, Karaki K, Takeyasu K. (2013) High-speed atomic force microscopy combined with inverted optical microscopy for studying cellular events. Sci. Rep., 3:21-31.
  2. Yoshimura SH, Takahashi H, Ohtsuka S, Takeysu K. (2006) Development of glutathione-coupled cantilever for the single-molecule force measurement by scanning force microscopy. FEBS Lett., 580: 3961-3965.
  3. Yoshimura SH, Kim J, Takeyasu K. (2003) On-substrate lysis treatment combined with the scanning probe microscopy revealed chromosome structures in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. J. Electron Microscopy, 52: 415-423.
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  5. Hohmura KI, Itokazu Y, Yoshimura SH, Mizuguchi G, Masamura Y, Takeyasu K, Shiomi Y, Tsurimoto T, Nishijima H, Akita S, Nakayama Y. (2000) AFM with carbon nanotube resolve the subunit organization of protein complexes. J. Electron Microscopy, 49: 415-421.
  6. Ohniwa RL, Denawa M, Kudo M, Nakamura K, Takeyasu K. (2004) Perspective factor: a novel indicator for the assessment of journal quality. Research Evaluation, 13: 175-180.